Teach the Children

One week at a time


Teach the Children is a system for teaching your children how to be successful and happy in life.

Step 1: Identify areas of learning needed (syllabus).
Step 2: Teach your children one lesson per week.

We began documenting the lessons we have taught with the hope of helping other parents in similar situations, in order to solicit new and better ideas, and to create a community. We hope you and your children benefit from these lessons. We welcome any input, collaboration, or ideas you might have and would love to hear from you.

Philosophy on Learning:
You can learn/do/be anything if you are willing to be persistent and work hard. You will fail many times before you master something. Get rid of your ego and embrace repeated failure as an opportunity to learn and grow.
The value of educating a child can be perhaps the single most important work we can do to maintain a vibrant and healthy economy and world. Children deserve to be taught in an environment that fosters learning and growth at the individual level by teachers who are committed to their success.

About the Founders:
Joseph is an analyst for Kaiser Permanente and has a background in labor economics. 
Maren is a stay at home mom with a background in politics and education. They have 3 children together.