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Teaching Children to Journal

by josephwrichards on February 9, 2016, no comments

Principles to Teach: Paying attention to your feelings, journaling, mindfulness. Preparation: Get a writing journal for each family member. Get book “In My Heart: A Book of Feelings (Growing Hearts)” or similar. Lesson Plan: [We did this lesson is February, hence the introduction] Talk about Valentines Day, what is Valentines Day, what do we do on

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Teaching Children About Sleep

by josephwrichards on February 1, 2016, no comments

Principles to Teach: Why we need sleep, what happens when we sleep, what we can do to get good sleep. Preparation: Print out sleep infographics if you are using them. Print out sleep cards and create a simple game chart like in picture below. Create a “sweet dreams bag” for each child that includes a healthy snack,

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Teaching Children the Importance of Exercise

by josephwrichards on January 21, 2016, no comments

Principles to Teach: The importance and benefits of exercise. Preparation: Print out infographics you will be using. On a separate piece of paper, draw a man with windows on his body (and cut them out) to reveal the different benefits of exercise that are on the infographic you will be using. For example: Prepare a

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Teaching Children Dental Hygiene

by josephwrichards on January 12, 2016, no comments

Principles to Teach: The importance of dental hygiene and how to do it. Preparation: Purchase the Pepi Doctor app, gather duplos, play-dough, string/yarn, and everyone’s toothbrushes. Lesson: Review last week’s learning. Introduce topic of taking care of your teeth – a similar topic to taking care of your body with healthy food. Watch the following video: What

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Diet – Implementing a Healthy Eating System for Children

by josephwrichards on January 7, 2016, no comments

Principles to Teach: What is a healthy eating system and how to set one up. Preparation: Print out a few copies of the I Ate My Five Food Groups chart and cut them into square. (from freeprintablebehaviorcharts.com) Get a poster board and marker to write with. Lesson: Review what we learned last week about the

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Teaching Children About Diet – Food is Energy

by josephwrichards on December 28, 2015, no comments

Principles to Teach: Food is our source of energy. Eating healthy food will give you energy and make you feel happier/more positive. It is the fuel for life. If you want to be happy and accomplish great things, make sure you are fueling yourself properly. Preparation: Review the lesson plan and resources materials. Print out

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Teaching Children The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

by josephwrichards on December 7, 2015, no comments

Principles to Teach: De-cluttering, organization, cleanliness. Preparation: Read through summary of Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Lesson: Today we are going to learn about organization. What does organization mean? [putting things in order – where they belong] Let’s learn about organization by organizing ourselves in different ways. (Rearrange yourselves according to height, age,

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