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by josephwrichards on December 19, 2015, no comments

The following are resources for teaching meditiation/mindfulness.

We listened to Tim Ferriss’ podcast on the The Magic Of Mindfulness while on vacation and really liked the things he mentioned. Specifically we’ve tried the 21 Day No Complaint wristband experiment and the morning/nightly journaling. The practices he mentioned are below;

  • 21 Day No Complaint Wristband Experiment
  • Practice Poverty for a Week
  • Jar of Awesome
  • Meditation – 5-20 mins/day (calm/headspace)
  • Morning Journaling – three things for each category:
    • I am grateful for:
    • What would make today great:
    • I am (affirmations):
  • Thank One Person Per Day
  • 10 Deep Breaths
  • Momentum app for chrome
  • Nightly review – grateful list – three things for each category
  • Amazing things that happened today:
  • How could I have made today better:
  • I am grateful for:


The Science of Happiness: Why Complaining is Killing You: Great resource for logical reason why you should fill your mind with love, how you should respond to all things, how the people around you impact you, etc. Good for mindfullness practice.


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