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Teaching Children About Sleep

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Principles to Teach:

Why we need sleep, what happens when we sleep, what we can do to get good sleep.


Print out sleep infographics if you are using them. Print out sleep cards and create a simple game chart like in picture below. Create a “sweet dreams bag” for each child that includes a healthy snack, book, tooth brush and wash cloth, clock, pajamas, and a stuffed animal.

Lesson Plan:

Today we are going to learn about sleep.

Why do we sleep? [rest, let cells regenerate themselves, muscles to repair themselves, brain to re-calibrate hormone levels that affect mood, appetite, and ability to focus, brain sorts and stores information, solves problems, recharge your batteries, to be alert and have energy]

Talk about the 5 stages of sleep:
stage 1 – light sleep
stage 2 – slightly deeper. heart and breathing slows, body temp drops
stage 3 – deep sleep, slow wave sleep (Brain waves). Blood pressure lowers, body isn’t sensetive to hot or cold. Hard to wake up.
stage 4 – deepest sleep, slow ave sleep. Hardest to wake up.
stage 5 – REM. Rapid eye movement. Eyes move around rapidly under your eyelids, heart beats fast, quick breaths, vivid dreams.
stage 1-5 takes 90 mins. will do the cycle 4-5 times a night.

Use an infographic if you feel it will help. (original)

stages of sleep

Let’s play a game that will help us learn about what will help us have a good nights sleep.

Print out these sleep cards (original) and create a simple game chart like below. Play the game by taking turns drawing the cards, talking about each, and trying to get to the end (sleep zone). (There are an equal number of + and – cards, so you might never get to the finish line – might have to rig the game.)Teaching Children About Sleep

After the game, ask how much sleep do we need? Use Sleep in the Animal Kingdom (original) and/or Is Your Child Getting Enough Sleep? (original) infographics to talk about it.

Use sleep calculator (original) to help children determine what time they should go to bed.

Now we’re going to talk about sleep routines. Introduce “sweet dreams bags” that will help us get ready for sleep. Take out items one at a time and talk about each one and how it relates to our sleep routine. (healthy snack, book, tooth brush and wash cloth, clock (to talk about what time they should go to bed), pajamas). There should also be a stuffed animal that the child can walk through the sleep routine with.

Wrap up with a summary/conclusion.

Would love to have a video to hammer all these points home….

Resource Materials:

Games and Puzzles:

Sleep in the Animal Kingdom
Humans vs. Aminals Sleeping Patterns
Is Your Child Getting Enough Sleep?
Sleep or Die
Combat Sleep Enemies
Lose Sleep, Lose Your Mind and Health

What is Sleep and Why All Kids Need It
The Importance of Sleep for Kids and Teens
WebMD Good Sound Sleep for your child

Sleep Facts and Statistics
How to Sleep Better

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