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Teaching Children Dental Hygiene

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Principles to Teach:

The importance of dental hygiene and how to do it.


Purchase the Pepi Doctor app, gather duplos, play-dough, string/yarn, and everyone’s toothbrushes.


Teaching Children Dental Hygiene

Review last week’s learning. Introduce topic of taking care of your teeth – a similar topic to taking care of your body with healthy food.

Watch the following video:

What did you think of the video?

Next we are going to practice flossing. Everyone get some teeth (duplo blocks) and plaque/food (play dough) and practice flossing the play dough out of the teeth like they do here.


What would happen if you don’t brush and floss your teeth? What are cavities?

Play Pepi Doctor, the game where you have to fix the child’s cavities and infected teeth.

pepi doctor fix teeth

Finally, get everyone’s toothbrush and practice brushing your teeth while playing Raffi’s Brush Your Teeth:

Express your confidence that your children can keep their teeth healthy and strong.

End the lesson or watch another video:

Resource Materials:

5 Dental Health Videos For Kids
Kids Teach Kids about Dental Hygiene
Colgate: How to Have a Bright Smile!
How to Brush Your Teeth Properly – For Kids
A Child’s First Dentist Visit
Kid Vision VPK Dentist Office Field Trip

Pepi Bath 2 – overal hygine, including dental

Lesson Plans:
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My Kool Smiles 2nd and 3rd Grade Lesson Plan
My Kool Smiles 4th and 5th Grade Lesson Plan

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