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Teaching Children the Importance of Exercise

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Principles to Teach:

The importance and benefits of exercise.


Print out infographics you will be using. On a separate piece of paper, draw a man with windows on his body (and cut them out) to reveal the different benefits of exercise that are on the infographic you will be using. For example:

teaching children exercise infographic man

Prepare a tic tac toe game where each of the nine squares has an exercise on it:

teaching children exercise fitness tic tac toe


Lesson Plan:

Review last weeks lesson. Today we are going to learn about exercise. Why should we exercise? [listen to their reasons]

Introduce the man with the windows on his body, saying that behind each window is a different benefit of exercise. Have the children open up each window one by one, and talk about each. We used this infographic and talked about how exercise:

Reduces risk of disease (prevents sickness)
Controls weight (helps you not get fat)
Improves your memory
Improves your mood (makes you happy)
Boosts your energy (more energy)

Show any of the other infographics (in Resource Materials) and talk about them, if desired.

Introduce the fitness tic tac toe game. Play tic tac toe normally, but when you put an x or an o in a square, everyone has to do the exercise. Have fun!

teaching children exercise crunchy frog

Review what you learned and wrap up.

Resource Materials:

Benefits of Exercise for Children
Why Exercise Is Good for Your Body
Top 10 Reasons Children Should Exercise

Health Benefits of Exercise
Your Brain on Exercise
Your Brain on Exercise 2
Benefits of Regular Exercise
12 Mental Benefits of Exercise
The Difference Exercise Makes
30 Minutes of Exercise
Get Moving Baby!
7 Benefits of Regular Physical Activity
101 Reasons to Exercise
Post Workout
Top 5 Weightlifting Exercises
11 Reasons You Should Start Working Out Today

Tips from Scott Adam’s How to Fail at Almost Anything and Still Win Big:

Exercise is one of the key levers to maximizing your personal energy:

  1. eat right,
  2. exercise,
  3. avoid unnecessary stress,
  4. get enough sleep,
  5. have something in your life you are excited to wake up for.

His exercise system is to be active everyday. You need a simple system. This is it. Any form of exercise that requires willpower is unsustainable. Limit your exercise to whatever level doesn’t feel like work, just like kids do. Eventually your body will want and enjoy it and will be a habit for you. Enjoyable.

Most important part is everyday.

How to schedule physical activity into a marriage situation:

1. Join an organized team.
2. Always exercise at the same time everyday. If you try to do it in your spare time you will never find any.
3. Exercise together if you both really mean it.

How to be in the mood to exercise – eat well and don’t over do it – never do so much exercise that you won’t want to do it the next day. Your daily exercise should be a reward for you. It should make you feel good. Not sore, in pain, and exhausted. Reward yourself with a healthy snack, some downtime on your phone, or whatever after a workout. Put a pleasure at the end of the activity. He drinks coffee and takes IB profin to get energy and feel good.

How to jumpstart your body. Don’t do what you can’t do (work out), and do what you can do (put on your exercise clothes). Give yourself 100% permission to not exercise. But you will probably want to after putting on your clothes. Drive to the gym and see if that changes your mood. But always give yourself 100% permission to not exercise if you still don’t want to. Keep it a daily habit.

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