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Teaching Children to Journal

by josephwrichards on February 9, 2016, no comments

Principles to Teach:

Paying attention to your feelings, journaling, mindfulness.


Get a writing journal for each family member. Get book “In My Heart: A Book of Feelings (Growing Hearts)” or similar.

Lesson Plan:

[We did this lesson is February, hence the introduction]

Talk about Valentines Day, what is Valentines Day, what do we do on Valentines Day? (Give greetings of love) How does that make people feel? (Happy)

Today we are going to talk about our feelings, how we feel. Happy is one of them, loving is one of them.

Read book: “In My Heart: A Book of Feelings (Growing Hearts)“.

In My Heart A Book of Feelings

After finishing book, ask each person, “How does your heart feel today?” and let them respond.

Is okay to have happy feelings and sad feelings? Is it okay to have angry feelings and scared feelings? Is it okay to have silly feelings? Yes, it is okay to have all these feelings.

What is a good way to share our feelings? (on your face, with your words, in a journal)

A good way to share your feelings is in a journal. [Bring journals out and introduce it]

We are going to do some journaling and share them with each other. Here are some things mom/dad are going to journal about:

  • What you’re grateful for.
  • What would make today great.
  • An affirmation (something you want to be or hope for).

If applicable, read a passage from a journal you wrote in the past to provide an example of what to write. Maren read a passage she wrote from when before Adelaide was born.

Everyone take 5-10 minutes to write a journal entry. Kids who can’t write can draw pictures.

Teaching Children to Journal


Resource Materials:

Mindfulness tips from Tim Ferriss


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